Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jaco Pastorius Bass Solo Transcription for Havona

I am aware that there are other transcriptions of this classic Jaco solo on the net, but here is my take on it...

Havona is a song from the 1977 Weather Report album called Heavy Weather.
Jaco was at his peak then, and his solo on the song Havona is a display of his mastery of the fretless bass. Back in the early 90's, I was very much into Jaco, and I spent many hours learning his bass lines and solos. This one, I transcribed back then, and re-transcribed digitally this week.

Jaco Pastorius - Havona - Bass Solo Transcription

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  1. no tabs ? :-(
    Can you make tabs + notation?

  2. Thanx for all your transcriptions ! :-)

  3. I will try to add tabs to all my transcriptions from now on...