Saturday, January 7, 2012

James Jamerson bass transcription for I'll Turn To Stone by The Four Tops

Here's a 1 page sample of my transcription of James Jamerson bass line for The Four Tops' Song, I'll Turn To Stone. Although at first listen, this song seems to be an easy pop tune to play along, it does have it's challenges. Namely, Jamerson's extensive use of flawlessly executed triplets runs at 127 bpm, during each Pre-Choruses of the song. You can notice that James also uses his runs on different beats within the bars of each sections. To me, this shows his incredible sens of time and tremendous improvisational skills. There is also the recurrent use of raking within the verses and pre-choruses that is worth noting. Jamerson's use of triplet can be a bass lesson in itself. Enjoy & have fun practicing!
Complete 4 page transcription available on this page.

James Jamerson - I'll Turn To Stone - Bass Transcription

The Four Tops - I'll Turn To Stone

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