Friday, August 31, 2012

The Beatles - Something - Bass Transcription / Tab

I've always liked Paul McCartney's performance on George Harrison's song "Something" from the 1969 Abbey Road album. It is probably one of Sir Paul most intricate and melodic performance during his tenure with the Beatles. I have been playing this song for a long time, but was not expecting to hear so many details that are now revealed, thanks to this isolated track.

I found this isolated bass track on YouTube. I compared it with the original track, and it is pretty safe to say that this is in fact Paul McCartney's original bass line. I am guessing someone probably grabbed it off of Beatles Rock band.

According to session records, Paul played his 1964 Hofner 500/1 bass on this recording. You can hear that he is using a pick during his performance.

I had a blast transcribing this classic McCartney bass line, which is certainly one of his finest moments. You can hear every single nuances & inflection in Paul's playing on this isolated bass track.

I tried to notate and represent as close as possible what is being played on the track. I think was able to come up with a pretty accurate bass transcription/tab of Paul's performance. Check out the bass transcription (standard notaton & tab) below as you play along with Sir Paul. Happy Shedding!

The Beatles - Something (Paul McCartney - Bass)

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  1. Interesting that he plays the last two notes of the C rundown in bar 28 wrong. They should be E and D (not F and E). Probably as he would have had to detune the E string.

  2. thanks you very much! ive been looking all over the web for this, godsend!